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2N DoorStation – User Manual

User manual for the 2N hardware interface module.

  • Allows you to control your 2N Doorstation directly from Crestron Home
  • Relay and IO both exposed in Crestron home
  • Supports the Crestron Actions & Events
  • Compatible with any native controls or connect to one of our tile drivers.

This hardware interface is intended to simplify the connection of your Crestron Home system to the popular 2N range of doorstation hardware.

The Switch controls and IO input can be used in tandem with the SIP call functionality to allow a complete solution. In addition we offer a range of Door and Lock UI Tiles which can be used to give a user interface to the hardware.

NB: the UI Tile and pages associated with this tile are not intended to be “customer facing”

When a 2N Intercom is used in a crestron System for Calling the user is presented with a Call page as seen below.

Rack Room Tile

This Hardware interface driver provides a simple UI intended for use by the integrator to verify the operation of the hardware.

The driver would generally not be client facing and would loaded to a “hidden” room in the system such as a rack room.

All hardware interface have a generic image showing two adjacent rings.

Main Page Actions

The home page tile navigates you straight to the main user interface of the driver.

This pages allows you to test the function of the controls and see monitoring of the IO via the Crestron Home App.

Events and Actions


Switch 1 On

Switch 1 Off

Switch 2 On

Switch 2 Off


Input 1 Closed

Input 1 Opened

Example Connection of s Quick action to trigger switch one to release the door contact.

SIP Call Flow

When a guest or visitor presses the call button in a crestron home system configured for a 2N intercom the Crestron Rava Panels in the system ring with the incoming call from the intercom.

When the Crestron Home user presses the Actions button on this page a subsequent page showing all whole house quick actions is shown.

A common setup is to make a “whole house quick action” which opens the Gate using the 2N Switch Action

2N Device Setup and Connection

To make use of the Switch and I/O API you will need to apply a 2N Enhanced Integration Licence.

We suggest when first connection you set authentication to None.

The Driver requires a TCP Connection Type and can support Digest , Basic or no Authentication.

If Authentication is used a user must be created and given control and monitoring on I/O Access and control privileges on Switch Access .

You need to create a user and give that user the privileges:

NB: the user is not the same as the user that you use to get into the web Interface.You have to add and enable one of the accounts on the HTTP API Page.

The function applied to Switch 1 or Switch 2 are configured in the 2N web interface.

2N Doorstation Setup Video

Some More From 2N

2N IP Series intercoms:

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