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“QSYS Snapshots from Crestron Home”

Recall QSYS Snapshots From Crestron Home sequences.

crestron homepage qsys

Room Page Tile

This driver is one pof our hardware interface drivers and the User interface is designed with test and configuration in mind only.

Generally this tile would be placed in a hidden room such as a rack room or a commissioning room.

The Room Tile give access to the Main UI

Driver User Interface

  • Presets
    • Recall Snapshot 1 – 10.
  • Command Feedback
QSYS Snapshots on Crestron Home

qsys snapshot settings

Driver Settings

  • Snapshot name
    • This must match the Snapshot Bank Name in your Qsys Design
    • Global or User-Defined snapshots are supported.
    • User-Defined snapshot names are set in the Design Elements section of the Designer software.
  • Ramp Time
    • This setting specifies the ramp time used when loading the selected snapshot and is applied to all controlled snapshots.

Common Settings

Licence Settings

Hardware Settings

Actions and Events

Recall Snapshot (bank)

Bank Number between 1 and 10

Sequences recall snapshot

Multiple Drivers / Snapshot Banks

Select currency
GBP Pound sterling