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60 Min Trial

All of our drivers will allow you a free 60 min Demo period from adding them to a room. When Adding the driver for trial there is no need to enter a licence key. Just Press OK on the Installer settings page.

Refreshing the UI

If on adding a driver you see the CHECK LICENCE tile shown above. Then click on the tile to show the Driver Licence page. Then Click on “Refresh UI” and close the page. You will see the operational tile on your system for the duration of the demo period.

An Unlicenced Driver

When you first load a driver not in the demo period the tile will appear in the room page on the UI.

Clicking on the tile will take you to the Driver Licence Page of the UI where you can add your licence key.

We recommend using Cut and Paste from email on your mobile device to ensure your licence key is added correctly.

The Driver Licence page

Driver Licence Page

This page allows you to add a Licence Key to your Driver and Activate your licence.

On First use of an extension driver this is the only page you will be able to see. Paste your Licence Key into the driver licence key field. When you enter your key or update an old key you will see a button appearing prompting you to save the key.

Entering your Licence Key

When you save your licence key it is saved to the system and stored over a reboot. Once you have saved your key you can press activate.

Confirm Licence Key Change

This will check-in your driver without licensing server and tie your driver to the hardware you’re using it on.

You will be asked to confirm the Action.

Licence Activated

If successful you will see an additional button allowing you to update your GUI and display the normal UI Pages.

If your activation is unsuccessful then the error will be shown on the licence page. Please see the FAQ on licence errors for more help.

If you need to get back to the Licence Management page you can always get back to it through the driver settings.

NB: The License Info button is for use if advised by technical support only.

Moving a licence from one processor to another can be achieved by De-Activating a Licence using this page. The licence key will be cleared from the system.

If you have a complete hardware failure and still have a processor tied to a licence key then raise a support ticket referencing the order and MAC address and we will clear it from your system.

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