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Removing Ghost Drivers from Crestron Home

A “Ghost Driver” is by our definition when a driver doesnt appear on the Crestron home setup app but does still appear on the user interface. This “shoudn’t” happen however we see it from time to time and sometimes we need to intervene to get things back in order.

The options are limited to the following

  • Rollback to a previous configuration – Using the myCrestron RMS Service
  • Contact Creston Support and get them to help ( ultimately this is a bug!)
  • Edit the configuration file and reboot the system

Processor wont restart (reboot cycle) due to a driver you have just installed

If you have picked up a “dodgy driver” from somewhere then its possible that when it crashed the system initially loading it sufficiently installed itself into the system that when the system comes back on line it will attempt to reload the bad driver hence crashing the system again and hcne the processor can get into a cycle of reboots from wich it wont recover.

The options are limited to the following

  • It is possible to remove the driver dll from the /user/Data/UsedThirdPartyDrivers folder
    • All loaded drivers are contained withint sub-folders in this root folder and are identified by their driver name.
    • If you catch the correct period in the reboot cycle it is possible to delete the relevant folder fomr the file system,
    • This will if succesful mean that you should manage to escape the reboot cycle
  • Factory reset

Deleting a Side-Loaded Driver from the “Drivers” List

Occasionally you might want to remove a side loaded driver from the drivers list. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Connect to the Crestron Home Processor using FTP or the File manager in toolbox
  • Navigate to the \User\ThirdPartyDrivers\Storage\Rad directory
  • Delete the Driver from the directory
  • Restart the Crestron Home Processor.


The above strategies should only be employes if you are potentially happy to potentially factory reset your Crestron Home proecssor in the worst case.

If you prefer not to take on the challange you can drop us a support ticket and we can setup a remote session for you.

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