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Room Page Tile

The room page tile is the main entry point to the driver. Pressing on the tile will toggle the lock state. The lock will latch open unless auto-lock is enabled where it will lock after the preset auto-lock delay.

Home Page Tile Actions

The home page navigates you straight to the user interface of the driver.

Driver User Interface

  • Manual Control
    • Lock
    • Unlock ( this is still affected by auto-lock if enabled)
    • Activity Feed ( Shows information about recent actions)
  • Driver Settings
    • Launch Settings (password protected)

Driver Specific Settings

  • Auto Lock
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Time (in seconds, min 10 – max 600)
  • Display on home page (tick box)
    • Enable
    • Disable
  • Licence
    • Launch Licence Settings

Common Settings

Display On Home Page

Licence Settings

Hardware Settings

Select currency
GBP Pound sterling