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Licensing and License Keys

We protect our IP and our investment by securing the functionality of our drivers using a system of a licencekeys which can be purchased from our web store.

The licensing system we have created is flexible to allow you to easliy apply licenses and to be able to move and reassign licence keys as required e.g. when a hardware swap is required.

We also anticipate that many of you are running scalable cookie cutter code where you need not to worry about managing induvidual licence keys per room.

For many of our tools we will provide you with a multi instance licence which allows you to put the same key into many programs. Each instance will register (activate) its own entitlement and you can manage you key usage on your myaccount page on our website.

Licence Keys

Licence keys can be placed into compiled code by hardcoding a key into the module Licence Key parameter. Alternatively licence keys can be updated and managed during runtime using our product web app which allows you to edit the applied licence key.

Scope of Site Licences

In Crestron Simpl one system is defined as a single programming slot or room in VC4 . i.e. you will be able with a single site license to run many products in a single room or slot but if you need to run programs in multiple rooms or slots you will need a licence per room or slot.

See here for more details about licence types

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