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Common features in our drivers

Password Protected Settings Page

Many of our drivers feature a settings page in the Crestron Home App which allows some driver settings to be changed. These settings allow the user to show or hide controls and rooms in the user interface. The Advanced User password is required to access these options. 

Enter your Advanced User Password

Access driver settings by entering your advanced user password in the text field.

Once the correct password is entered an “Access Settings” button will appear to allow you to navigate to the Driver Settings Page.

Press Access Settings to navigate to the Driver Settings

The advanced user password is setup in the Crestron Home Setup App.

Show and Hide Home Page Tiles

For extension drivers which present a tile on the room page you also have an option within the settings page to show or hide the tile on the system home page.

Rack room and Hidden Drivers

All drivers have a UI tile but some are not designed to be displayed to the client. These Drivers have tiles with no user UI only configuration.

These drivers are generally placed in a Rack room where they are used for configuration or maintenance.

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