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If you’ve had a Lighting Control System or an Audio Visual Controls system commissioned by Lighting Controls of Edinburgh we may still hold a backup file of your system configuration on our servers.

Once we have established proof of ownership we can provide you with a copy of your documentation file which may include:

  • Configuration files
  • System documentation
  • System Drawings

(depending on the type of system)

We can offer a range of services on existing systems to allow you to maximise their effectiveness whether it be advice on a simple re-lamping job or a change to the logical operation of the system.

  • System Maintenance and Backup
  • Scene Setting and Programming Changes
  • Smartphone Interface and system upgrades
  • Advise on LED re-lamping

Moving House:

If you’re moving house then give peace of mind to buyers by passing on their configuration files and details of our certified maintenance service.

Just Moved In:

If you’ve just moved home and found a lighting control system installed the chances are we can help you re-configure the system to suit your needs.

Moving House: Energy Efficiency and LED replacement Lamps

Most Lighting Controls systems can be re-lamped with mains dimmable energy efficient replacement Compact Fluorescents or LEDs.

Get in touch to discuss before you do as it may affect your scene setting and in some cases the wrong lamp selection may damage your lighting Controls System.

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