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Fundamental to our idea of UI Tiles is that you decide how to use them by connecting them up to other elements within your Crestron Home System.

This document aims to explain that by presenting three use cases.


Events are the Driver telling Crestron Home OS Something has Happened. The Driver Presents a number of events to the system

Actions are the opposite where you want to tell the driver that something has changed or tat you want something to change.

Example 1 – UI Tile connected to a Hardware Interface

In this Scenario we feature one of our most popular drivers the 2N Hardware interface along with a Electric Gate System connected to the 2N Relay and IO input.

The User has a 2N Door Station Located on a post at the Gate and needs to open the Gate when a caller calls using the intercom.

We are going to add a Gate Controller and a 2N Hardware Interface to the system.

The Gate actuator will be connected to the Relay (Controlled by Switch 1 on the 2N) A Sensor which is closed when the gate is fully closed and open when the gate is open is attached to the IO input on the 2N.

We will Create a whole house Quick action that will be used to open the gate when a call is recieved from the 2N Doorstation

Example 2 – UI Tile Connected to Native Hardware

In this Scenario we have Crestron Lighting installed in the property and we want to add an extract fan with a run on timer to the system.

Example 3 – Connection to a Notification alert.

For More Information take a look at the Crestron Home Manual Pages here: (Opens in a new Tab)

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