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Control and monitor your AJAX alarm system from Crestron Home

Connects to the homeowners AJAX account!

Arm and Disarm your cloud connected AJAX Alarm System with our AJAX Alarm Extension Driver.


Once the quick setup is completed users are able to Arm and Disarm the AJAX alarm system from any Crestron Home user interface!

From the home page of the Crestron Home Interface the user clicks on the AJAX alarm tile .

The user is presented with the current status of the alarm and options to Arm or Night Arm the AJAX alarm system

Simply click the alarm mode you would like to activate.

If a pin number is required to arm or disarm the system you will be prompted to enter the pin number now.

Enter your pin number and click the Done button

Add the Driver

You can find the AJAX Alarm driver in the Drivers section of the Crestron Home Setup App under:

Drivers -> Security System -> AJAX

Add the AJAX Alarm driver to your desired room

Once you have added the driver to the room, look for the UI tile in the Crestron Home application or on a TSW touchscreen to continue the setup

AJAX Alarm Settings

The main page will show the current connection status to the homeowners AJAX account and AJAX hub.

When you are setting up the driver for the first time you will need to add the homeowners AJAX account details:

  • Press the Settings button
  • If prompted enter the Advanced User Password
  • Press the AJAX Account Setttings button

Add the homeowners AJAX account details

  • Enter the AJAX account username
  • Enter the AJAX account password
  • Press the Connect button

The connection status window will inform you of a successful connection or of any errors

Note: It is preferable to setup a unique AJAX user account for the Crestron Home system. In this way the homeowner can see the events and allow/deny access to the Crestron home system separately to the main user account.

To do this the homeowner would need to use the Send Invites process inside the Active Users page of the AJAX system

Select the homeowners AJAX hub

Once connected to the homeowners AJAX account you will need to select the correct AJAX hub

  • Press the Select AJAX Hub button
  • Select the AJAX hub that you would like to associate with this alarm driver
  • Return to the settings page

The selected hub status window on the settings page informs you of which hub you have selected

Add User Pins

You can set a number of user pins that the user will be required to enter before Disarming or Arming the AJAX alarm system from inside the Crestron Home application or a TSW touchscreen.

The user pin feature is optional. On the settings page you can turn the feature on and off for each of the following three functions:

  • Pin required to Disarm the system
  • Pin required to Arm the system
  • Pin required to Night Arm the system

To set the user pin details:

  • Press the Set Pin button on the settings page
  • Enter a name for the user
  • Enter a pin number for the user (minimum 4 digits)

You can add more users and pins by pressing the Add User Pin button

AJAX Panic Button

The panic button can be hidden from the end user by deselecting the show panic button toggle

Crestron Home Actions and Events

Actions available in Crestron Home include:

  • Disarm
  • Arm
  • Night Arm
  • Get Alarm State

Note: The Get Alarm State action can be used up to 15 times a day. Subsequent triggers of the action will be blocked from communicating with the AJAX cloud services.

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