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This is a generic datasheet showing the common functionality of our UI Tiles that provide a Switcher function. All of the control functions are common to the whole range of these UI Tiles. This datasheet uses the FireSwitch as an example of the functionality.

Room Page Tile

The room page tile is the main entry point to the driver. Pressing on the tile will toggle the fire state. The fire will turn off if currently on and and on if currently off.

If any timers are currently running then the fire cannot be turned on or the timer cancelled from the tile.

Instead use the top right of the tile to navigate to the main Driver user interface.

Home Page Tile Actions

The home page tile navigates you straight to the user interface of the driver.

Driver User Interface

  • Status
    • This shows the status as per the tiles
  • Controls
    • Fire On
    • Fire Off
  • Time Delay Off
    • Time Delay Off Buttons
    • Configurable in settings
    • Hide if not required
  • Driver Settings
    • Launch Settings (password protected)

Dependant upon which switch type driver tile is purchased the icon and the name of the item being switched is changed appropriately.

For example, if a SprinklerSwitch had been installed then a sprinkler icon would be shown and within the UI “Sprinkler” would appear instead of Fire.

Driver Specific Settings

  • Time Delay Button Configuration
    • Press to edit or hide a Button
    • Shows time options
    • (see below)

Common Settings

Display on home page (tick box)

  • Enable
  • Disable

Licence Settings

Hardware Settings

Time Selection Page

Time Delay Options are available in 5 min increments from 5 to 120 Mins.

Clear Delay Disables this buttons action and hides it from the driver main page.

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