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“Control Crestron Lighting at a glance from the Home Page”

Interface Updates Dynamically based on your Crestron Home Setup.

Home Page Tile Actions

The home page navigates you straight to the user interface of the driver.

See if lights are turned on in the property at a glance using the Home Page tile.

Crestron Home Lighting Control Tile

Main User Interface

  • Whole House
    • Toggle Recall All On and All Off
    • Navigate to Area Page
  • Individual Areas (Dynamic)
    • Toggle Recall All On and All Off
    • Navigate to Area Page

Room Scenes

  • Default Scenes
    • All On
    • All Off
  • User Scenes
    • Recall Scenes

Driver Specific Settings

  • Auto Lock
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Time (in seconds, min 10 – max 600)
  • Display on home page (tick box)
    • Enable
    • Disable
  • Licence
    • Launch Licence Settings

Common Settings

Display On Home Page

Licence Settings

Hardware Settings


This driver leverages the Crestron Home Web API.

Before loading the driver make a note of your API Authentication Token.

We have a “how to” article and video here

Dynamic Configuration

Other than entering the token above there is no other configuration to do on the driver.

The UI shown is based on the current Crestron Lighting Loads and Scenes.

Feedback is based on the scene state of the real lighting scenes.

Rooms are only shown if there is a lighting element in the room.

Changes are made dynamically and there is no need to update or restart the driver following a change. e.g. adding a scene or a room with lighting

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