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Ongoing Issues

Crestrons Help page with Crestron Home Known Issues (requires Login)

LCD Driver Issue

CHTWONHW Events for Relay and Output are not working on the current production version. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. The other events are all functional.

Resolved Issues for Reference Below this line

Issues with Extension Drivers in Crestron Home 3.17

On Systems with Locale settings not set to en-US extension user interface elements are not appearing.

We hoped this was going to be fixed in the App Update

Crestron Home on App Store “Hotfix for missing tiles when Crestron Home Extensions are used in conjunction with non-US English language selection.”

However out testing subsequently confirmed by Crestron confirms that this is still an ongoing issue. ( Native tiles such as Sonos and Lighting are resolved but not Extensions)

We have raised this as an issue with Crestron but they have indicated that the fix on this issue will not come as a hotfix but in the 3.18 release date TBC

This same issue also affects sequences / Actions in some extensions from not working. Although we are still investigating this.

Workaround Options:

Rollback Crestron Home to 3.16

Change Local of device to en-US

NB: we understand this issue also affects android in a similar way and a fix is not before 3.18


Actions with Parameters not working

Our testing team has picked up on an issue on Crestron home 3.15 where Actions (in sequences) that have a parameter are not working correctly.

  • Couldn’t get quick actions to trigger chimes
  • When I set the parameter in a quick action, it would always default back to 1

This has been observerd in CHPUSH and CHSONOSCHIME but is not exclusive to these two drivers

We have raised this as an issue with Crestron.

Drivers requiring relicensing after reboot

We have experianced an issue since Crestron home 3.10 where the loading of drivers after a reboot causes a concurrency issue in our LCCore Library.

This manifests as a driver loading and showing Check Licence, failing to load or loading but with incorrect persistant settings .

All v4 Drivers bring an option to update this Library to v1.1 which resolves this issue. For more details see this page here

CHTWONHW v3.0.1.0

This version has a bug causing the Switch 2 Action via a sequence not to function, Please update to v3.0.2.0 or greater released 14.01.2022

Central Lights and Central Shades

Users have reported this driver showing offline after a system reboot. The workaround is to refresh the driver in the setup app either by a subsequent reboot ot by r-entering the licence or api key in the setup app. The Version 4 issue of these drivers brings a resolution to this issue and we would recommend upgrading to this version.

Crestron Home app 1.20.13 and pre-3.12 Affecting Extensions

Crestron Home App Crashing and going black / Connecting to home despite the processor not crashing. This is affecting touchpanels and Android phone Crestron Home apps that have updated to the latest version 1.20.13 (can be confirmed with “ver -v” in text console). 

This only occurs in combination with the latest app version and Crestron Home processor firmware that has not yet updated to 3.12, which was also recently released. We are seeing this behaviour with extension tiles only. 

Updating system to 3.12 is the solution that has been advised to us by tech support .

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