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We have a range of UI Tiles that provide a switching function. The functions of these drivers are described below.

Function Type:


Device Type (Driver appears under this heading in Crestron Home):

UI Tiles


  • Consumes Actions from the Crestron Home OS
  • To see detailed functionality, see product user guide
  • Extension tile provided for testing and commissioning


  • Modular Design
  • Simple Deployment and Integration
  • Designed with future Crestron Home developments in mind
  • Clean Minimalist Interface
  • Intuitive Control
  • Straightforward hardware interface driver integration and configuration

Events and Actions:


  • Relay 1 Open
  • Relay 1 Close
  • Relay 2 Open
  • Relay 2 Close
  • Relay 3 Open
  • Relay 3 Close

Driver Associated 3rd Party Hardware:

  • IP2CC
  • IP2CC-P
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