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Pushover Notifications – User Manual

This driver allows you to send push notifications from your Crestron Home System to your iOS or Android device using an application called Pushover.

If you haven’t already setup the driver for use and setup a Pushover account and Application then you will need to create an account and download the pushover app. See details below.

Room Page Tile

The room page tile is the main entry point to the driver. The Driver is designed to allow users to enable and disable their own alerts once they have been setup using the Settings pages. The Home page and Room Tiles allow the user to access the driver user interface.

Main Page

Showing the five available alerts and allowing the users to enable and disable at an:

  • Alert Level (on this page)
  • User Level ( on the alert page)
  • Global Level (on this page)

Pressing the three dots allows you to edit the alert message on the Alert Page.

Alert Pages

  • Alert Details
    • Users can edit per alert
      • Title
      • Message
      • Link Title
      • Link NB: A Link title must be entered if a link is added.
  • Enable Alert Per User
    • Enable or disable this alert per user.
    • The User Name can be edited on the Settings page

Driver Specific Settings

  • Setup Users
    • Label ( Displayed on the Main Page)
    • Key ( the users Pushover User Key)

continued below

Setting Page

  • Pushover Application Key
    • Enter your own API Token/Key for the project (See below for details)
  • Test Connection
    • Press to send a test message to all users ( with valid keys)
  • Pushover Status
    • Shows the result of the test notification
    • Shows the messages remaining in your monthly allowance.

Connecting Up Your Alert Actions.

Trigger the Alert

Alerts can be triggered by anything that supports a sequence in Crestron Home.

In the example here we have created a Quick Action Called Trigger Alert 1.

Trigger the Quick Action

In turn we have triggered the quick action from a simple contact closure added to the system from a doorbell.

It is of course possible to trigger from other drivers that expose events.

Setting Up Your Pushover Account.

Download the App

  • Setup an Application ( Only on a single user account per driver)
  • Clone our pre-built application
  • Or Create your own
  • NB: A single application can push messages to multiple pushover accounts.

Additional Users can download the app and add their user keys without needing to create an application.


As noted above a Normal Induvidual account is all that is required for both the Application and for the induvidual users. The cost is based on using the Pushover app on the device recieving the notifications which costs st a $5 USD one-time purchase on each platform. Currently Pushover offer a 30 day trial.

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