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Vacation Recorder for Crestron Lighting

Provides extra security by giving the impression of an occupied house

This driver records your lighting changes throughout the day and stores them for future playback. This way the lighting can be set to an away or Vacation mode so that the apperance of an occupied house can be given.

Records Lighting Usage for recorded playback

Configuration settings allow you to exclude rooms from the playback to reduce energy consumption.

Provides Logic control for actions and events

The driver allows for controls via Actions and provides passthru events for enabling and disabling other logic based on a Home or Away Status.

Provides Daily Random events for Audio Visual Media Scenes

In addition to Lighting events to create a real impressions of an occupied house two sets of paired events are provided to drive media Scenes. These are randomised automatically on a daily basis to stop them from looking automated. One set of events is provided for Morning and one for evening to recreat the impression of normal house usage. These can trigger audio visual equipment or media scenes to be recalled.

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