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Crestron Home Setup

The information below details the specific configuration to allow the hardware to work with the associated Crestron Home Driver.

WebRelay Module

Our recommendations:

  • Static IP address on the same Subnet

WebRelay Series Modules

Click here for the manufacturers WebRelay configuration manual.

Hardware Covered

  • X-WR-1R12-1I-I
  • X-WR-1R12-1I-E
  • X-WR-1R12-1I5-I
  • X-WR-1R12-1I24-I
  • X-WR-1R12-1I5-E

Hardware Connections

IP / LAN Settings

  1. Power the module and connect to network.
  2. Set IP address on computer to be on the same network as
    the module. (Example: Set computer to
  3. To configure the module, open a web browser and enter:
  4. Assign permanent IP address to module, then restart module.
  5. Restore computer’s IP address, if necessary, and access the
    module at its new IP address to finish setup.

Remember the new password well or write it down just in case, if you forget the password, you will have to reset the intercom to default values (refer to the Installation Manual of your intercom model) and lose all your current configuration changes.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Control Page Web Address:
Control Password: (no password set)
Setup Page Web Address:
Setup Username: admin
Setup Password: webrelay (all lower case)

Network port usage

ServicePort / ProtocolDetail
Control80 (TCP)TCP Port 80 is the default control port but this can be changed.
Web Server80The port used to display the control and configuration web pages.
Modbus502Modbus is a messaging structure protocol used in the industrial, manufacturing, control and automation industries. It is an open protocol and offers interoperability with software and devices from other manufacturers. If Modbus is not used, this setting can be ignored. Modbus communications are disabled whenever the control password is enabled.

WebRelay Switching Settings

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