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We want to make sure that you are alway getting the best experiance from our software which is why we want to make upgrading to our latest software as easy a possble.

If we think that you need an upgrade then we will warn you by a alert in the webapp.

All v4 Drivers bring a new LC Core library to the Crestron Home System

Clicking on the alert will take you to our new library page!

This page shows you which LCD drivers you have running on your system and what upgrades are currently available.

For now Driver updates are up to you!! We will just advise to update if we have a newer version to offer. however the process of updrading is still up to you.

We describe the process here

LCCore Update

The reason for our LC Core updater is to resolve some issues we have seen in larger systems when the number of LCD Drivers on the system.

Its a one time upgrade and we have made it super easy for you to do using our LCD Webapp.

The webapp library page will guide you through the process and reboot your processor.

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