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  • SIP Extensions
    • This allows you to add non crestron Extensions to the intercom system.
    • Use this to add Intercoms such as 2N and Doorbird
    • Tested to support Yealink Dect SIP Phones W56H
  • Group Calling
    • This Allows you to call from one panel to Many
    • Groups are configurable from any added extensions
    • Whole House Group can be enabled and disabled.
    • Group calling calls all members of the group
    • A call is established with the first member of the group to answer the call.
  • Paging
    • Paging is peer to peer.
    • When Page Call is placed the device you are calling is told to auto answer the call meaning that no user needs to answer the call at the panel.
    • Once the panel Auto Answers you can talk imediately to the far end panel.

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