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This driver allows you to trigger an IFTTT action using the IFTTT Webhooks

Room Page Tile

The Room Tile give access to the Main UI

NB: This UI is intended for Testing rather than end user facing.

To customize the user experience consider using a quick action or a UI Tile Driver.

Driver User Interface

  • Main Page
    • Test Events 1 – 10. Up to 10 test Events are supported per driver
    • Each Events sends a webrequest build with the IFTTT Key and Command and displays the response to the user

Driver Settings

  • IFTTT Key
    • Allows a user to set their Key
    • Click the link below when logeed into yout IFTTT Account
    • Then Click “Documentation” to find your Key
  • Event Name
    • Allows the user to set the Event Name
    • This Must Match the Event Name set in yout IFTTT Applet.

Common Settings

Licence Settings

Hardware Settings

Actions and Events

Updated v4.0.3beta.0

Added New Action to recall events using the IFTTT Event Name Directly in the Parameter

Updated Original Action to use the Integer of the Event Number used in the UI

Action 1

Trigger Event by IFTTT EventName

Accepts a string.

The Action will send the request to IFTTT using the parameter as the eventname.

Action 2

Trigger Event by Event Button Number

Accepts an Argument of 1 – 10

The Action will send the request to IFTTT of the event name entered in the driver UI


The driver will normally be used via Actions.

Enter a Text String of the Event Number from 1-10

The Event name String is entered on the UI as a argument to the sequence step.

IFTTT Configuration

Setup your IFTTT Applet trigger to accept the webhook service.

At the same time you need to note your webhook key which can be found in the documentation.

Use the link below ( when logged into your IFTTT Account)

This webhook API Key is used to authenticate the driver to your IFTTT applet.

For each applet you can define a unique Event Name this event name is used by the driver to define which applet you want to trigger.


After that the possibilities are endless!

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