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It is important to maintain your systems with firmware and driver updates from time to time and we can support you best if you have the latest versions running.

See the Crestron Docs Here

Reasons to Upgrade Drivers

  • Security Patches / Known Issues
  • Improved Features or performance
  • Manufacturer API Changes

Challenges when upgrading drivers

  • System must be rebooted
  • Actions and Events must be reprogrammed
  • Licence Keys Must be re-entered

The Future

  • The team at Crestron are working to make this process easier
  • The team LCD are also working on tools to make this easier.
  • LCD Webapp on some drivers provides tools to export and import your settings making upgrades easier.

The Current Process

see this article and this article for some of the more detailed Steps

  1. To upgrade a driver the following steps must be followed:
  2. Remove the Driver from the room.
  3. Reboot the processor using the Setup app or Console Command (gracefulreboot)
  4. Download or Sideload the new Driver and reinstall into the room
  5. Verify the new version is loaded
  6. Reconnect any Events and Actions / Apply any required settings and configuration.


Some reference to show you what the Setup app Icons mean

This Cloud icon allows you to download the cloud version when you have a sideloaded version already in place. This will replace the sideloaded version with the latest from
NB: If you have a sideloaded version loaded you must remove otherwise all subsequent drivers loaded will be the the older version despite the setup app reporting the newer version
The Version of a driver loaded to a room can be found in the Settings of the driver by pressing on the cog on the driver in the room. However this can be misleading so use with caution if you have multiple drivers on your system of the same type.

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