2N Doorstation


2N Doorstation Hardware Interface v4.2.0.0

2N Doorstation

  • Updated with New Features –
    • Motion Detection
    • Noise Detection
    • Call Control – Call the 2N from the Panels using a UI Button or Quick Action.
  • This solution allows you to control your 2N Doorstation directly from Crestron Home
  • Relay and IO both exposed in Crestron home
  • Supports the Crestron Actions & Events
  • Compatible with any native controls or connect to one of our tile drivers.
  • Requires Crestron Home OS v3.4
  • Supports Hardware 2N IP Intercoms
  • For products: 2N IP intercoms, 2N® SIP Audio Converter, 2N Access Unit 1.0, 2.0, M
  • 60 min fully functional Trial Mode (v3 drivers) – No Licence key or side loading required!
  • Install Direct using Crestron Home Setup App
  • Discount Showroom demo licenses for dealers can be requested here

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2N IP intercoms : 

  • IP Style
  • Verso , Verso 2.0
  • Solo,Base
  • Force,Safety, audioKit

2N® SIP Audio Converter

2N Access Unit 1.0, 2.0, M