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  • Allows you to trigger NAX Chimes on a Crestron Home System.
  • Works with Crestron Home devices that support Actions & Events
  • Supports upt to 4 NAX Devices
  • Supports up to 6 Chimes in total
  • Supports a single Chime Tile Action

Room Tile

The roomtile provides a simple UI tile which allows you to access the main UI pages.

If you want you can locate the driver in a visible room and enable the Tile Action in the settings (see below)

The Tile action can be setup to allow the user to trigger a chime or chimes

Main Page Actions

The home page tile navigates you straight to the main user interface of the driver.

This page displays a list of any enabled chimes and touching the Chime button will trigger the chime in the enabled zones.

Settings Page

The Settings page allows you to

  • Setup NAX Device connections
  • Setup Chimes
    • Enable Which Zones to Play Chime
    • Select the Chime
  • Setup Tile Action
    • Select Chime or Chimes
    • Set Text to display on tile


NAX Device Connections

Up to 4 seperate NAX devices can be connected to the driver allowing you to trigger a chime across multiple devices.

For each NAX Device you wish to connect click ont he NAZ Device to setup the connection settings:

Enter the IP address or host name of the NAX Device.

Username and Password

Pressing Reconnect will allow you to test the credentials

NB: Crestron Hardware comes setup from the factory with a lock out based on too many incorrect login attempts.

Your Crestron Home Processor is just like a user and if you send the wring credentials you will block the control.

Enable Chimes

First Select a Chime to enable

If a Chime is Enabled it will show on the button.

(Change Zone(s))

Select the Zones that you wish the Chime to play in.

(Change Chime))

Then Select the Chime you want to play.

Lastly Enable the Chime

Trigger the Enable Chime

Once enabled the Chime can be triggered :

  • Main Page Buttons ( See above)
  • Actions
  • Tile Action

Events and Actions


Trigger Chime <X>

where X is chime 1 – 6

Example Connection of s Quick action to trigger switch one to release the door contact.

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