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When using our drivers or tools on a Crestron System a we provide a small self-contained webapp which allows you a dashboard for managing the drivers on your system.

You can reach the Webapp by navigating to http://<IPADDRESS>/LCD

Alternatively once you have a driver loaded to a room you can click on the link in the installer settings of the any LCD driver from the Crestron Home Setup App.

Using the WebApp you can:

  • Activate and Deactivate drivers licensing
  • Update Licence Keys
  • Find Documentation
  • Find Version Information
  • Update Authentication Information for the Driver


You can browse the driver on a system without authentication but to do the good stuff you wil need to login using your Crestron Home Processor Credentials. This can any user account with User rights or above including the AdvancedUser that is configurable from the Crestron Home Setup App.

You will be prompted to login if you attempt to do anything that requires authentication . If you want to use the advanceduser account then use advanceduser as your username and the password as configured in the setup app.

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