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Load Crestron Driver Using Filezilla FTP

Download and install Filezilla from the filezilla website.

  • Add a new site using the Filezilla File manager.
  • Protocol is SFTP
  • Host: the IP Address of your crestron home processor
  • User: admin
  • Password: < your admin password>
  • Click Connect to Connect to the site

  • On first time connection you will see this banner.
  • Click Ok to accept and connect.

Upload the custom driver package file or IR file into the Crestron Home processor’s \User\ThirdPartyDrivers\Import directory.


  • Navigate in the left hand (Local Site) to your package file and right click Upload
  • Drag your package file into the import directory from a windows file manager window.

Navigate to the driver using the Third Party Devices menu in the Pair Devices screen. The screen refreshes automatically to display the driver after it has been loaded into the system.

  • Selecting Third Party loads any files in the import folder.
  • Navigate to the new driver.

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