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Driver Functionality:

The 2N Driver Series allows sophisticated control of the 2N Intercom systems. Along with standard intercom functionality between the intercom panel and the gate/door control there is now the ability to lock/unlock, detect states of lock/unlock and set AutoLock functionality.

In addition to control from the Tile and UI this driver has Sequencing actions that can be used via a quick action that can be selected from the actions button when a SIP Call is received from the front gate station.

Door Lock Function:

We control Lock/Unlock state of the door lock.


We control either Switch 1 or Switch 2 in the 2N Relay. This is configurable in the admin setup along with the IP address of the 2N device.

The Driver calls on the 2N rest API to activate the Switch on the unit.

On the unit the Switch must be configured to control the desired output device.

Door Sense Function

Door sense functionality updates the status of the tile feedback when the door is opened without the lock being released by an action from the driver. It will also indicate if the door is opened when the lock is enabled. See Feedback states above.

Driver Type:

Extension Driver

Driver Category:

Access Control

Driver Associated 3rd Party Hardware:

  • 2N IP Verso
  • 2N IP Solo
  • 2N IP Base
  • 2N IP Force
  • 2N IP Vario
  • WebRelay
  • WebRelay-POE

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