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Site Licence

The majority of our drivers feature a site licence. This licence allows you to use the drivers as many times on the one System using the same licence key.

In Crestron Home one system is defined as a single processor or multi processor system within a single household.
In Crestron Simpl one system is defined as a single programming slot or room in VC4 . i.e. you will be able with a single site license to run many products in a single room or slot but if you need to run programs in multiple rooms or slots you will need a licence per room or slot.

Single Instance Licence

Drivers with a single instance licence require a unique licence key for each instance of the driver on your system.

Feature Keys

Some drivers offer additional features and functions beyond those provided with the main site or single licence. These additional features are unlocked a Feature licence. These keys are associated with the licence they are activated against and are non-transferrable.

Subscription Licence

Drivers with a subscription Licence or features that require a subscription require an active subscription which is verified using a licence key.

Open Drivers

Some Drivers in our catalogue don’t require a licence key and will provide their basic functions without restrictions. They are subject to our normal software licence aggrement but they are free of charge to load so dont need a licence key. These driver might offer extended fucntionality which will be restricted by a feature as described above.

Demo Licences

All drivers for Crestron Homeo feature a 60 trial period on first load.

A free licence allowing the product to be used for a limited period.

To use events and actions some drivers need to be licenced and to activate features you will need a licence first.

Dealer Demos

If you are a Crestron Home dealer ro apply for a showroom or testbed Licence use the contact us page and Select the option for dealer Demo

If you need a longer demo the raise an email on the same contact form requesting a pre-sales meeting.

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