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Open authentication is used to allow an LCD driver or service access to your account without giving or storing your user passwords. Many services such as Sonos, Google insist on this level of security to allow users to access.

LCD using our Webapp allows you to grant access to your cloud devices using our Open Authenitcation Flow.

The article below uses our sonos driver flow as an example which is applicable to all drivers which use Open Authentication.

Link to Sonos

When you first install the Sonos Chimes driver it will need to be linked with your Sonos account

Open a web browser connected to the network and navigate to the LCD Webapp using the IP address of the Crestron home processor http://<IPADDRESS>/LCD/Index.html

Locate the Sonos Chimes driver in the list of installed drivers

Click the “Manage” button and open the authentication tab

Click the “Authenticate” button to start the linking process

Continue the Sonos user account sign in process

When the Authentication process is complete you will see the Authenticated Status on the Sonos Device Settings page on any Crestron Home UI

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