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Whats in the download

How to transfer into my own project

Each solution has detailed instruction on the main and submodules included within it however as a rule and a minimum you need to add the clz file and the main USH to your project root folder and then re-sync to make the modules show up in Simpl Windows.

Licensing and License Keys

We protect our IP and our investment by securing the functionality of our drivers using a system of a licencekeys which can be purchased from our web store.

The licensing system we have created is flexible to allow you to easliy apply licenses and to be able to move and reassign licence keys as required e.g. when a hardware swap is required.

We also anticipate that many of you are running scalable cookie cutter code where you need not to worry about managing induvidual licence keys per room.

For many of our tools we will provide you with a multi instance licence which allows you to put the same key into many programs. Each instance will register (activate) its own entitlement and you can manage you key usage on your myaccount page on our website.


We want to be able to continue to improve the softwrae that we offer so good versioning and metrics on performance are key. When we have a new updated version available we really want you to be using it right away. Updated versions are posted on the product page, our social media channels and posted on our release pages to which you can subscribe. When compiling in Simpl windows we will actively ensure you are running a good pari of clz and Ush and warn you in the compile if we think this doesnt look good!

Furthermore if we detect in runtime a mismatch of the Simple+ File and the clz file that accompanies it we will do our level best to let you know that there is a version mismatch.

LCD Structured Logging

We have created some powerful tools for logging our software and these are used in all of our modules for crestron Simpl. We have also made these tools available for you to use in your programs more widely regardless of if you are using our modules or not you can benifit from our structured logging tools.

Currently these logs can be routed to the Crestron Console , or to a file stored on the processor.

We also log to our LCD Logging server in the cloud although if you dont want to do this its easy to turn off!

Soon in a free update to the logging tools we will allow you to log directly to your own cloud server which will enable you to log your programs and systems without ever needing to connect to the processor or local network.

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