Crestron Webapp

When using our drivers or tools on a Crestron System a we provide a small self-contained webapp which allows you a dashboard for managing the drivers on your system.

You can reach the Webapp by navigating to http://<IPADDRESS>/LCD

Alternatively once you have a driver loaded to a room you can click on the link in the installer settings of the any LCD driver from the Crestron Home Setup App.

Using the WebApp you can:

  • Activate and Deactivate drivers licensing
  • Update Licence Keys
  • Find Documentation
  • Find Version Information
  • Update Authentication Information for the Driver


You can browse the driver on a system without authentication but to do the good stuff you wil need to login using your Crestron Home Processor Credentials. This can any user account with User rights or above including the AdvancedUser that is configurable from the Crestron Home Setup App.

You will be prompted to login if you attempt to do anything that requires authentication . If you want to use the advanceduser account then use advanceduser as your username and the password as configured in the setup app.

Video Demo


Passthru Events Logic

A number of our drivers provide a pair of an Action and Event which are controlled by logic in the driver. The logic in the driver provides a buffer between the action and the event.

For example our Vacation Recorder Driver provides a Passthru Pair for “Away”.

This pair are enabled when the user sets the driver to “Away Mode”.

An Example use case might be a Security PIR input ( the Action) which triggers a Security Light (the Event) but only when the home owner is Away (the condition)

Chaining Logic (AND)

Drivers that Feature Passthru Logic

Single Instance Drivers

Some of our drivers only support loading od a single instance per system. This is usually due to a technical reason or indeed that it makes no sense to have multiples loaded which would use more memory and processing unncessesarily.

We cant stop you loading a driver twice in Crestron Home but we do Discourage you!! When you attempt to add a 2nd and subsequent drivers to a driver which only supports single instance we show this warning during the loading.

Single Instance Warning.

We recommend that you press cancel at this stage which will stop the driver being loaded to your system.

UI Driver Hardware Page

Driver Hardware

Current Hardware

Displays the Current Device Type for the Driver.

Hardware Debug Enable/Disable

This should be disabled (unchecked during normal use) the setting can be enabled to show information on the current hardware communication at the processor console.

NB: Not currently implemented on production drivers.

Common features in our drivers

Password Protected Settings Page

Many of our drivers feature a settings page in the Crestron Home App which allows some driver settings to be changed. These settings allow the user to configure the driver functionality and to show or hide controls and rooms in the user interface. 

By default the Advanced User password is required to access these options. However this can be turned off (see common settings below) 

Enter your Advanced User Password

Access driver settings by entering your advanced user password in the text field.

Once the correct password is entered an “Access Settings” button will appear to allow you to navigate to the Driver Settings Page.

Press Access Settings to navigate to the Driver Settings

The advanced user password is setup in the Crestron Home Setup App.

Common Settings found in all drivers

Setting NameDescription
Display on home pageEnable or disable the home page tile
Settings Password ControlRequire Password to Access Settings.

Rack room and Hidden Drivers

All drivers have a UI tile but some are not designed to be displayed to the client. These Drivers have tiles with no user UI only configuration.

These drivers are generally placed in a Rack room where they are used for configuration or maintenance.

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