5 things you can do to weather the supply chain Crisis

Supply Chain: What Does 2023 Hold?

Even as the world starts to recover from the disruptions caused by the pandemic, the supply chain still faces hurdles affecting enterprises of all sizes.

The Economist reported on January 9th that the cost of container shipment from China to America’s West Coast had dropped 93% down from the peak in 2021.

While this drop sounds like good news, it does not mean that the supply chain will be smooth sailing in 2023. Shipping accounts for only a small portion of supply chain issues. Therefore, businesses must make adjustments to keep their projects on track.

Source: economist.com         

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to mitigate the supply chain issues for your business: 

  1. Virtualise: 

One way to mitigate supply chain issues is to virtualise your Audio Visual (AV) systems. With the increasing integration of AV and IT, virtualising some of your AV onto standard non-proprietary hardware can make sense.  

Control processors are only one part of a solution, but virtualisation allows for a more consistent control experience that is easily deployable across enterprises or university settings. Crestron’s VC-4 expands the range of choices enterprise IT managers have for their in-room control 

platform, providing a scalable software control platform while maintaining support for 

existing hardware-based solutions. Capable of supporting up to 500 spaces on a single 

server, VC-4 enables mass deployment of customised or standardised configurations with 

the press of a button, delivering significant savings of time and labour costs while 

dramatically increasing the overall control platform lifecycle.  

  1. Phone a Friend! 

Reaching out to a Crestron Services Provider (CSP) can be a great way to find solutions for your audio-visual problems. LCD is a multiple CSP business and boasts industry experience that spans many years in the AV problem-solving world, including Crestron-specific knowledge that can help you find an available and deliverable solution. In the last couple of years, we have had to come up with some novel solutions to workaround the supply chain challenges and often the result is a positive innovation that stands the test of time. 

  1. Software Provides Alternatives 

While the virtualisation of control processors can be a great solution, not all IO hardware in AV systems can be virtualised. In this case, integration modules can provide platforms with a broader range of manufacturers’ options for peripherals in your project. This also includes main backbone items such as audio and video transport and music streaming. 

  1. Communicate 

Communicating with other AV professionals about your stock holding and shortages can help you find mitigations that stock transfers businesses can make. 

Inter-business communication keeps you in the loop about stock holding and shortages elsewhere and helps identify potential opportunities for stock transfers. This can help you secure the necessary components for your projects, even in times of scarcity. 

Sharing information can also help identify partners for joint procurement or bulk buying. By pooling resources and buying in bulk, businesses can reduce costs and secure the necessary components at a lower price. 

  1. Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead is the bee’s knees in ensuring that your projects are not affected by supply chain issues. It entails forecasting demand, identifying potential risks, and implementing contingency plans. A proactive approach prepares your AV businesses and projects to handle any possible supply chain disruptions better. Involve CSPs in the planning stage to improve your success.  

We understand that your audio-visual projects are at the heart of your business. Therefore, avoid supply chain issues by contacting LCD today. You can take advantage of Crestron-specific knowledge and vast industry experience through our CSPs. We provide available and deliverable solutions for any AV problems and go the extra mile to assist with technical issues related to the challenges of the global supply chain climate.

Neil Silver Crestron CSP

Neil Silver

Lead Developer LCD – Crestron Programmer, CSP

Managing the Development and Custom Programming Teams on a day-to-day basis and responsible for Product Design and Project Oversight.