Email Notifications

This driver allows you to send email notifications from your Crestron Home System.

All you need is a supported smtp account. We currently support smtp2go and sendinblue

NB: Gmail’s policies have changed and this makes gmail no longer supported.

Room Page Tile

The room page tile is the main entry point to the driver. The Driver is designed to allow users to enable and disable their own alerts once they have been setup using the Settings pages. The Home page and Room Tiles allow the user to access the driver user interface.

Main Page

Showing the five available alerts and allowing the users to enable and disable at an:

  • Alert Level (on this page)
  • User Level ( on the alert page)
  • Global Level (on this page)

Pressing the three dots allows you to edit the alert message on the Alert Page.

NB: The current Version Supports 10 Alerts!

Alert Pages

  • Alert Details
    • Users can edit per alert
      • Title
      • Message
      • Link Title
      • Link NB: A Link title must be entered if a link is added.
  • Enable Alert Per User
    • Enable or disable this alert per user.
    • The User Name can be edited on the Settings page

Driver Specific Settings

  • Setup Users
    • Label ( Displayed on the Main Page)
    • Email Address
    • ( the users email address)

continued below

Setting Page

  • SMTP Details
    • Hostname
    • Port
    • Username
    • Password
  • Test Connection
    • Press to send a test email to all users ( with valid email addresses)
  • Email Status
    • Shows the result of the test email

Connecting Up Your Alert Actions.

Trigger the Alert

Alerts can be triggered by anything that supports a sequence in Crestron Home.

In the example here we have created a Quick Action Called Trigger Alert 1.

Trigger the Quick Action

In turn we have triggered the quick action from a simple contact closure added to the system from a doorbell.

It is of course possible to trigger from other drivers that expose events.

Setting Up Your smtp Account.

Setup a smtp2go account

Once you have setup an account you want to

navigate to setting/smtp_users

Here you will find the details for your connection:


SMTP Server:

SMTP Port: 587

Username: emailaddress

Password: *****