Pro Pack Large Level


Pro Pack Large Level

  • Lighting Scheduler × 4

    Lighting Scheduler

  • Heating Scheduler × 6

    Heating Scheduler for 2 zones

  • Sprinkler Scheduler × 2

    Sprinkler Scheduler

  • Dynamic Button

    Add many single tile buttons showing state and control.

  • Dynamic User Interface

    Create User Interface Dynamically including Locigal controls !

  • Alarm Clock

    Allow your clients to control their own Daily Schedules and one off timers.

  • Project Pack Planning Call

    Pre-Project Call with an the LCD engineering team.

  • SONOS Chimes


  • NAX Chimes Trigger


  • Pushover Notifications


  • EMAIL Notifications


  • Intercom Controller

    Intercom Controller

  • TSW Driver

    Our Intercom Dialler

Pro Pack Large Level including Panel to Panel Intercom.

Our pro packs are designed to enable you to include our solutions into your estimating and design pipeline at the design stage.

They include a suite of tools enabling you to add great UI , Logic and Other Features resulting in a great user experiance for your clients.


We offer live support either purchased at time of order or available separately.

If you purchased live support in your order please visit the link below to schedule your call.

Book a Pre paid Live Support

If you wish to purchase additional live support for an already purchased product then please visit the service pages below.

Purchase Live Support

Pre sales calls are free you can setup a call using the link below.  We would definetely encourage you to setup a call to discuss pro packs prior to purchasing.

Book a Pre-Sales Call

Key to this is a pre-project call with one of our Crestron Home team.

This pre-project call allows us discuss what suite of drivers you might sensibly want to use in a project. We will guide you and give you an idea of what is good to use in what application. Our team has huge experience of working with many Crestron home dealers and many years of working on custom Crestron residential.

A project pack remains active for changes up to 6 months following the order. 

Within the active period additional drivers and products can be purchaed for the project at a discounted rate. 

The MAC Address of the project processor and the site project address must be submitted at the time of order. 

Project  packs are not transferrable to other properties / processors. 

All licences in a project pack must be used on the same processor. 

If LCD Products not included in the package are required these are available at a 75% discount for the Project. Subject to the Terms and Conditons.