Resting on Oauth2

Development in the controls sector is becoming more standards based. Building and understanding the architecture and tools of standard API’s is crucial.

Party because I needed it and party because it was a good project in learning the processes of REST API’s and Oauth2 I have written an Expenses uploader for Freeagent!

It’s a simple single page web application that allows a user to Account link Using Oauth2 and then Processes the user credentials to prepare a csv file for upload and processing reporting back to the user line by line on the success of the processing of entries by the freeagent API.

I’ve posted the sandbox version here which can be used with a freeagent sandbox account only!

La Classe

I’ve been working on back office systems and a front end website for Estelle my wife who is setting up a business offering online french lessons for students and adult learners.

Its been a few years since I last did any web-site development work and the world wide web has certainly changed in the interim!

My experience is in PHP and Javascript but also using standard frameworks of WordPress and OSCommerce to create websites for business. The current Lighting Control website your on is written using wordpress and it still meets the requirements. Back in 2003 I spent a large amount of time setting up (you can see a web archive here!)

However the brief for would have been daunting back in 2003

  • Online Booking of lessons
  • Digital Download and Physical Store
  • Payment integration

But as I say the web has changed and the integration of services has made setting things like this up much more straight forward!

We decided to use:

  • Squarespace as the framework which is great although slightly restrictive.
  • Stripe is literally a 5 click 5 minute payment provider
  • Calendly for appointment bookings
  • Freeagent for accounting and invoicing ( be sure to use my referral code if you have not yet discovered freeagent!)

One thing I love about Estelle’s new site is that not only does she create the French language content but all the photography and Artwork used in her site and social media she creates herself!]

The one Exception being the excellent initial branding work that was carried out by Mike Kinlan 

Be sure to visit if you have a moment!










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