Save energy with Lighting control systems

Energy saving light bulbs have taken over the world in the last couple of years so much so that later this year (2009) the major retailers in the UK plan to remove filament light bulbs from there shelves.

However in most projects with lighting controls low energy light bulbs are not to be found. In fact most systems do not support them.

Dimmable energy saving light bulbs are still in the early days of development and are not yet as cost effective as their non-dimmable predecessors.

Lighting control systems can however give significant energy savings.

  • Control empowers correct usage of multiple fittings. With more circuits to control only the lighting that you need for a task need be turned on saving 100% on lighting that is not required.
  • Off during non-activity: Using timed off’s and proximity sensors in a lighting control system we can ensures that lights are not left on when the need not be.
  • Daylight harvesting: Daylight harvesting allows lights to be automatically dimmed to a level dependant on the amount of natural light reaching the target area. This saves in energy usage as the quantity of additional lighting used is limited to what is required exactly.
  • Dimming at full power: Not running lamps at 100% can result in massive extension of lamp life.

Contact us to discuss how you can implement energy saving in your next project.

Lighting up the Poles in Glasgow!

The market leading gentlemen’s is opening in Glasgow in the west of Scotland and Lighting control were on hand to renovate some existing lighting controls for the project.

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