Dimming Voltmaster – Intelligent transformers!

Working on a recent project I came across these interesting transformers.

They allow connection of lov voltage lighting at greatly increased distance from the transformer while maintaining an optimum voltage.

The system uses a sensing cable which provides a feedback loop (similar in concept to those used in analogue sound processing) to monitor the lamp voltage and voltage drop in the cable and hence compensates for any variation and stabalises the lamp voltage.

The box itself houses a large transformer at the top with an electronic controller below. The units provide luxury service to the halogen lamps giving improved brightness, better colour rendering, longer lamp life and lovely smooth dimming.

The units can be controlled by 1-10v and 0-10v control as standard with DSI and DALI versions available.

These transformers hark back to the old days of centralised transformers but without all the cooper! They offer an alternative to leading edge dimming systems and provide a great solution.

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