Loading Drivers

Please also check the Crestron Documentation (Opens in a new window).

This document is aimed at Crestron Home Installers.

When you purchase a Driver from our store or download a driver to try you will be able to download a zip file which contains the driver package file.

This package file should be side loaded into the control system running Crestron Home prior to adding the corresponding devices to the system.

Custom drivers can be loaded using secure file transfer.

Load Using FTP (Side Loading)

  1. Connect to the Crestron Home processor over FTP or by using the File Manager tool in Crestron Toolbox.
  2. Upload the custom driver package file or IR file into the Crestron Home processor’s \User\ThirdPartyDrivers\Import directory.
  3. Navigate to the driver using the Third Party Devices menu in the Pair Devices screen. The screen refreshes automatically to display the driver after it has been loaded into the system.

See Detailed Example using filezilla

Re-import a New Driver

If you make changes to your driver and want to reimport the new driver, you must first follow these steps to erase the old driver:

  1. Remove all instances of the old driver from Crestron Home
    • Do this by pressing the back Arrow on the driver in the room
    • You must do this on all rooms that contain this driver.
  2. Reboot the control system by either
    • Using the Setup All Installer Settings – > System Config -> Reboot ( hold for 3 seconds)
    • Using the Console command “GRACEFULREBOOT”
  3. Verify all instances have been removed ( reboot a 2nd time if not!)
    • You can verify by
      • Checking that the drivers dont appear in the rooms in both setup app and UI
      • Checking the “UsedThirdPartyDrivers” does not contain a reference to the driver
      • Checking by using the CCDINFO command ( advanced but reliable)
  4. Side Load the new driver as described above.

Deleting a Side-Loaded Driver from the “Drivers” List

Occasionally you might want to remove a side loaded driver from the drivers list. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Connect to the Crestron Home Processor using FTP or the File manager in toolbox
  • Navigate to the \User\ThirdPartyDrivers\Storage\Rad directory
  • Delete the Driver from the directory
  • Restart the Crestron Home Processor.

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