Rako retrofit

We know most houses are not wired for centralised dimming and some refurbishments reuse perfectly good wiring to save money and time. This type of refurbishment can still benefit from modern lighting controls.

Rako is leading the way in radio controlled lighting control providing all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system but without the hassle of re-wiring.

Rako modules and accessories allow the building of a large systems using interconnected radio modules, dimmers and switchplates are the beginning, with modules for all types of lighting and  options for integration of other systems.

Rako Switch plate

Rako Switch plate

Whether you are making major home improvements or just giving your front room a tidy up it can be easier than you think to add some simple but stunning lighting control.  The rako products can be fitted to an existing lighting installation with very little remedial work required.

In addition to the Rako products we can also advise on suitable retrofit single and double gang switch solutions. Click here to see a demo of the popular Scenestyle from mode lighting