LCD IR App for Crestron Home Cable Box


LCD IR App Crestron Home AVR v1.1.0.0
  • IR Control of a Cable Box device using a Global Cache IP to IR gateway
  • Easy selection and testing of IR code-sets from the Global Cache Control Tower IR database
  • Upload your own custom code-sets for new and unique devices
  • Modify the code-set, individual command codes and even code macros outside of the Crestron Home Setup App
  • Site licence for the Crestron Home Processor instance allows as many  Cable Box instances as you need per a project.

Global Caché iTach,Flex and Global Connect

NB: Discovery supported on iTach only

Compatible with Crestron Home 4-R Series Processors and the Crestron Home PC4-R Processor

NB: 3 Series Crestron Home Processors are not supported.

  • 60 minute Demo Works for testing codes but not Commands from Home.
  • Fully Functional Demo with our 7 day demo licence key.
  • Discount showroom licenses are available for dealers Request a showroom licence here

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