Product Launch : LCD IR App

LCD launches IR App for configuration of devices in Crestron & Crestron Home

App configuration tool set to revolutionise IR device connections through Global Caché

Edinburgh, Scotland November 2023 – Custom programmers and software developers, LCD specialise in producing custom drivers and modules for extended connectivity in Crestron and Crestron Home. The company, based in Scotland and backed by qualified Crestron Service Providers (CSPs), also offer system development services, helping institutions and businesses build control systems to their unique specifications. LCD has just announced the launch of its latest product, the LCD IR App, which enables Global Caché IR product integration for Crestron and Crestron Home.

Global Caché produces hardware solutions that allow for the access, control, and automation of IR, serial and relay devices over an IP network. LCD’s IR App will enable CSPs and professionals who build Crestron systems to connect a multitude of devices to their control ecosystems via a downloadable software module or driver, further expanding the capabilities of Crestron and Crestron Home.

“We’ve been working hard to develop an overall solution for connecting non-native devices to control systems,” explains Neil Silver, Lead Developer at LCD. “With our collective background in the Creston and Crestron Home world, we have been able to work with Global Caché’s iTach product to create a unique solution for configuring devices in these environments; but this is just the beginning. The software we’ve developed is transferrable and has the potential to be used within other control systems, with the same effect.”

“Gone are the days of writing custom software for each install—thanks to the powerful middleware from LCD and Global Caché hardware,” says Robin Ford, Global Caché’s VP of Business Development, expressing enthusiasm for what this new product means for Crestron service providers and integrators. “It’s a game-changer. This not only streamlines the installation process but also reduces the need for specialised engineering. It’s a win-win for the folks setting it up and their users.”

The launch is based around LCD’s IR App, a control interface that facilitates easy connection between Crestron and Crestron Home control systems and IR-controlled devices. “Our IR App can be accessed via any web browser or even from a smartphone,” continues Silver. “The app allows users to configure the connection details of Global Caché’s iTach IP2CC hardware, browse and test the IR code sets available from Global Caché’s online IR database, Control Tower, upload custom code sets and modify IR codes for device commands.”

LCD’s IR App is compatible with both Crestron and Crestron Home systems via two separate software offerings. Firstly, a driver for Crestron Home allows IR devices, from home appliances to security cameras, to be connected to Crestron Home via the Global Caché integration. On the other hand, a module for SIMPL Windows allows for the same capabilities, but within a Creston ecosystem, and is therefore intended for use within corporate and professional markets, rather than residential. You can read more about Global Caché on our partners page

The launch of LCD IR App marks a significant milestone, not only for the LCD development team, but also for Global Caché, whose iTach product can now be utilised in a wider range of use cases in both Crestron and Crestron Home environments.