Award winning LCD project hits the target

Working with 4GD and Nucleus AV the team at LCD created a control system for immersive training. Here is what the Judges thought!

“A remarkable use of Crestron technologies with the resulting project exceeding client expectations. Truly a project fuelled by pure innovation, relying on Nucleus to deliver a solution to the client’s unique requirements.”

– Judge Sarah Joyce

This project’s goal is to provide close quarters combat training for the British Army for a range of environments, that are traditionally difficult to simulate. These environments can be both physically and digitally reconfigured, allowing a countless number of permutations. The end result creates an immersive experience to simulate different geographical locations that can be anything from a jungle to a marketplace with a “God’s Eye View” of the facility for those in charge.

A big challenge was to allow for briefing, training and debriefing to take place all at the same time, including a dedicated physical training space and remote interaction with wrap-around screens to provide an easy-to-use solution that any instructor can use with little to no training on the system.

Being a project of many firsts, Nucleus developed solutions to allow the trainer to control visible light, infra-red light, sound effects, door sensors, and ‘surprises’ for soldiers via an iPad, all configured and controlled by Crestron, as well as an After Action Review CCTV system

A spokseperson from 4GD said: “This is the bleeding edge of military training. Our intention is to use technology to make training better and, as a result, troops safer. The critical requirements of immersion, reconfigurability and ease of use push the capability of the control system, its programming and interface. Nucleus have worked closely with us to help facilitate this ambitious strategy with a never ending “can-do” attitude. Some of the features of this project have shown both Nucleus as a market-leading integrator and the near limitless potential of the Crestron ecosystem.”