Architects and Consultants

Corporate buildings are often looking for a wow factor lighting display in their front foyer or externally on there flagship building. With the advent of Colour change LED lighting the amount of bespoke fittings with colour change has grown hugely. At Lighting Control we have the expertise to make these designs and ideas a functional reality.

The achievement of quality designs can be lost in implementation due to incorrect control hardware specification and badly implemented drawings on site.

The involvement of lighting Control in your projects can ensure that your vision is translated from concept to reality.

  • Control gear selection
  • Programming Specification
  • Onsite Specification verification
  • Programming and Client Walkthrough

Colour Change Lighting

There are a wealth of colour changing products flooding the market place in all shapes and sizes.

The problem is in specifying the correct gear to provide the result that you are looking for.

Reception Fibre Optics
Reception Fibre Optics

LED are the product of choice for many situations but they do not by any means suit all situations. Fiber Optic lighting and cold cathode have to be considered for certain situations where LED will not do the job. We will provide our experiance to check over the proposed bespoke lighting solution and if neccesary provide samples to test the effectivness of the resulting solution.