AMX Programming


AMX is one of the leading manufacturers in control systems and given the bespoke nature of the systems it can provide for the design and programming of these systems is crucial.

Lighting control is a certified AMX programmer in Scotland serving the industry.

AMX independent programmers are obliged to work independently of the system installers meaning we can create a design that’s right for you be it a commercial or residential system.

Creating a detailed scope of works clarifies to all parties what is required and expected of a control system.

The process of delivery of a system is broken down into a number of constituent parts with the AMX programming at the heart of the functionality of the system.

  • Project Requirements
  • Controls Architecture
  • AMX Programming
  • AMX Commissioning

Additional Services

  • Custom Module design and Implementation
  • Bespoke User Interface Design

Lighting Control provide consultancy services to assist in defining the project requirement see details on the consultancy pages.

As part of out Consultancy Service we also offer Control Architecture converting your project requirement into detailed specification document

From this point the amx programming at the heart of the system can be undertaken.


Neil Silver of Lighting Control is a certified AMX Programming Expert.

Neil has over 15 years experience in the Audio Visual technologies and system integration which bridge all markets and sectors meaning a wide knowledge base of projects across the whole industry.

Contact Neil Silver on the contact us page to discuss your requirements.